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The Clean Cut Boys Club is the first membership-based barbershop located in Tacoma, Washington.


For only $20 a month, the client can get their hair cut as many times as they want for only $7 a cut. The $7 haircut is a full 30 to 45 minute service which includes a beard trim, razor line, and enhancement!


Since 2013 our barbers have taken pride in providing exceptional customer service, tailoring each appointment to fit the clients specific needs, while still delivering a quality haircut. Members at our shop receive exclusive key card access, complimentary drinks and free pool. CCBC is the perfect shop for all ages.  


Our promise to the client:

"We will never give up on a cut, no matter how difficult."

We hope to make your overall experience at CCBC an enjoyable one! Book your appointment today!

CALL 253-224-8077

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